Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Epic of Job

One of my (many) quirks is I am a bit germaphobic. Not really a germaphobe, I just refuse to touch the stair railing (or anything else) in a public place. Once I took swabs and cultured them in petri dishes to confirm my fears. With this mind set, I took yesterday off work to stay home and verify I fixed the lice problem in our house. I haven't seen a louse since the weekend so I think I am okay.

Everything in our house that couldn't be sanitized or thrown away was set outside. Two weeks in a harsh Michigan winter will show those lice I'm not fooling around. Other things that have happened this week is the garage door broke, the laptop died for a third and probably final time, my truck seems to have developed a rod knock, and I haven't really been riding. As I was throwing out close to 500 hair ties, bows, and bands, I considered Job, and how I got to this point in my life, and if we really needed 500 hair ties, bows, and bands.


  1. Minimize the clutter for sure. Definitely no need for that many hair ties, bow, and bands... with that said... do I need (counting fingers)... ummm 5 bikes... soon to be 6? :)Happy to hear the lice are leaving the premises like it OR NOT! I spied one today & it was sent home with its owner!

  2. 6th one will be a titaniumg 29er? You kind of left everyone hanging there a month or so ago with your clues.

  3. If I knew your address, I'd send you a nice brand new supply of Hair Accessories!!

    Guess who! ;-)

  4. Well.. I was just so disappointed that NO one was getting it... not EVEN the guy I LIVE WITH!? Yes, you are correct.