Friday, June 19, 2009


I don't believe in destiny, exactly. I am too left brained. I see everything as problems and solutions. So with this perspective I decide I am going to set things up so I can park in the garage. For 14 years there has only been enough room for my wife's car.

First I emptied the garage. This meant getting rid of the Barbie Jeep, play house, non-essential bicycles (which bikes were essential and which were non-essential does get a bit philosophical), and other things we really didn't need.

But my wife lost her garage opener so I gave her mine until I could get a new one.

But the garage door wouldn't work. The circuit board failed. I bypassed the security switch and it worked fine.

Later that very same week, the spring that helps lift the garage door broke, the very same spring that has been working just fine for 14 years. I built a clamp to hold the two pieces together but for some reason I still can't comprehend, the door falls off the tracks when I try to open or close it. Then it occurs to me, maybe, just maybe, I am not suppose to park in the garage.

I am not saying I believe in destiny but I just can't seem to place in an Expert race. I'm just saying.