Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Iceman

I did my 14th Iceman earlier this month. An excellent time but another poor result, which would have hurt my feelings if I had any expectations, fortunately I didn’t. I haven’t even pretended to train since the snow melted last spring; no lack of desire, just collateral damage from a long, complicated year. I’m seriously looking forward to next season. There is something warmly satisfying with putting an awful season behind you and starting fresh.

I miss the rural setting of Brighton but I’m adapting just fine living smack dab in the middle of Canton. Lots of cars and the roads and MTB trails around here suck but none of that really means anything. I enjoy riding and I’m as optimistic as ever; not the kind of optimism that is grounded in reality but the kind that transcends it. The kind that lends itself to a discussion I just had:

Me: “I’m having a rough day, I’m treating myself to a delicious and nutritious McRib.”

Sue: “Ooh McRib-gross? Does it taste like rib?

Me: “Yes, it tastes like ribs but I don’t know if there is even any pig in it at all. It’s proprietary.”

Sue: “It is an odd pressed shaped patty…”

Me: “As opposed to the naturally shaped Filet-O-Fish sandwich and Chicken McNuggets? You have very high expectations.”