Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything Can Be Fixed

Allie and I went to Borders last weekend. Thousands of books and she picks out one that explains how things work: vacuum cleaners, the I-phone, etc. She is so much going to be an engineer. While Allie learned about the internal combustion chamber engine, I looked for a Valentine’s Day card that wouldn’t come across as sarcastic.

Allie’s book took the mystery out of how things work, like the I-phone. When looked at carefully, everything can be fixed. My truck is back up and running. The garage door works better than new. The furnace is warming our house as it is suppose to. There has not been any sign of lice in our house since my neurotic cleaning frenzy two weeks ago. Everything can be fixed but sometimes the energy required to fix something is better used by cutting your losses and starting fresh.