Thursday, February 4, 2010


I took another day off work, this time to fix the garage door and sort out the issues with my truck. I did sneak in an uninspired 60 minute ride because Iceman is only 40 weeks away and I am getting concerned.

It looks like my truck will need a new engine. The dilemma is a re-manufactured engine costs about what my truck is worth. While I contemplated this, I called my dad at his winter house down in Florida and asked if I could borrow his classic 1989 Mercury Sable that was parked at his summer house up in Michigan. The car is in perfect condition and has never been driven in a salty, Michigan winter. I know this because he pointed it out several times during our brief conversation.

The kids threw a fit when I picked them up from school in my smoke'n hot Mercury but I have no self-esteem left in me so this car is perfect. It has rain guards installed over the side windows and, for some reason, I cannot turn off the wipers. This will prove useful in the unlikely event of rain this month. The alternator light came on when I reached highway speeds so I slowed down to see if it would go off. As my luck this month would have predicted, Cindy happened to be on the same road and past me. She sends me the following text:

"You're driving a tan Sable with handicap license plates and rain guards. You can't at least drive the speed limit so everyone doesn't think you are an old man?"


  1. I'm pretty sure an important part of being a cyclist is not being too worried about what your car looks like, as long as it gets you to races, so you're good on that part.

    Awesome song, as well!

  2. Thank you Lindsay, but rain guards? Really? I am sure I will re-read this post in a few months and laugh.

  3. I'm laughing & so should you if only for a moment, a brief moment. Remember that thing about ... this too shall pass? Yah...

  4. Hmm...I've heard that song before.