Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to Normal (?)

I put my Yakima rack back on my truck. I am driving Bill (AKA $40 Bill) and Dan (AKA Cyclo-Dan) to the Third Annual Worst Day of the Year Ride. This is a 28 mile ride through Ann Arbor that somehow involves chili and beer. This ride was originally scheduled for January 23rd but it got rained out. Trying to schedule, in advance, an organized group ride on the worse day of the year is a fickle thing.

The weather has been great lately. Renee invited me to ride with her and a running buddy at Island Lakes today. They ran the trail earlier in the day. Whatever. The trail was great; snowmobiles pressed the snow into a perfect riding surface. The sun was out, no wind, and it was 28 degrees. Any warmer and it would be slushy, any cooler and it would get a bit dicey. Tomorrow could very well be the best day of the year.

Matt's blog inadvertently talked me into riding outside last winter. I had a great time and I think I was a better rider in the Spring because of it. This year I got a little soft and needed Bill and Renee to coax me off my trainer and onto a trail. I feel much better now that I am out and riding.

I know this sounds sappy, no, not even sappy, just stupid but putting the rack back on my truck made me feel...normal. I feel like I am my blindly optimistic self again.


  1. LOL, yes blue Ohio too I see.

  2. I needed to get my mushy bum outside as well. I've managed 2 weeks in a row of riding in the worst mama nature could throw at me. I guess I'm a bike rider again... Glad to hear you are as well!