Saturday, January 30, 2010

$25 I-Tunes Card and the Meaning of Life

I got a $25 I-tunes card for Christmas. I planned on using it to expand my musical horizons but instead just down loaded Cake, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Primus, and Soul Asylum to fill in holes from my late 1990's to early 2000's music genre collection. I like to look for, and make fun of, people I see stuck in a particular decade only to find out I am one. I suppose this was a very good period in my life and I subconsciously drift back to then.

A common thread in my blog entries is a concern I have with my daughters getting older, but it isn't all bad. Em got me out of the house early this morning to go to the fitness center. And Allie is at the age where I feel comfortable leaving her home alone for a bit while Em and I worked out.

And Friday I had some things to do after work so I called Em and asked her to start dinner. She made spaghetti. She added brown sugar and spices to the store bought sauce. It was much better than I would make myself. Maybe, just maybe, this isn't a bad time in my life.

Em and I got home from the fitness center and Allie was still in her PJs and watching TV. I sat on the couch and Allie crawled up on my lap. I ran my fingers through her hair while we watched I-Carley. Life is good.

Then I noticed she had lice. Em too. Are you fucking kidding me? I quickly researched head lice on the Internet and went to the pharmacy to buy Nix and spent the next four hours combing their hair with a lice comb. I am now 12 hours into a 48 hour cleaning frenzy. I am borderline OCD when I clean under normal circumstances, now I am worried about a single sesame seed sized louse carefully hiding someplace in the house, waiting to lay 100 eggs, clinging to a fiber in the deep recess of the couch or on the hair follicle of an American Girl doll in the basement.

I am in over my head.


  1. Oh no!! I would be the exact same way. I wish you huge luck in finding that sesame seed sized louse... bundle up ALL of the bedding and stuff toys! They need to be banned from the house immediately. Maybe someday soon I will share my ongoing classroom experience with a little chica & her little friends that just won't leave!

  2. Please wait until you have successfully removed all her little friends before you share; I am 36 hours into my cleaning frenzy and seriously considering torching the house and everything we own (except my Chris King wheelset) and just starting over. Cin just text'd and asked how it was going. I don't even know how to resond.

  3. Oh my! A dad's work is never done. I think that the little lice fellas only live in the cleanest of scalps...that's what I heard. I also heard that Suave Coconut shampoo is the mortal enemy of head lice and smells quite nice and is very cheap. My 2 cents. Relax, it's gonna be ok. really.

  4. Thanks Mary. I went and bought Suave Coconut shampoo after I got your comment, two bottles actually, just to be safe. Kind of interesting how someone in Ohio can affect the sale of shampoo in Michigan.

  5. Tea Tree Oil shampooo... Paul Mitchell style. The Suave is much friendlier on the wallet if it works! I have heard that using lots of product keeps them away... or, they can't attach? I coat my hair thickly & thoroughly EVERY morning... mousse, gel, spray. :) Seriously, hoping you're staying sane & I don't have to remove the little friends, she just shows them to me every other day or so OR leaves them on a spelling test paper drowning in water! ugh.