Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nothing Really Blog Worthy

It's been a weird few weeks. Nothing appropriate to blog. I sometimes hint around at real life but never post anything openly personal. I have been riding and lifting but my heart hasn't been into it. I usually get motivated in February so I am just keeping my foot in the door until then.

Cin and I spent two nights at the Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor with Emilie last week. I didn't sleep. I wasn't tired, just numb. Em really is a sweet girl. She thanked the doctor for inserting a nasal-gastronomical tube in her. I wouldn't be so understanding but she is a better person than me. The doctors don't seem to know what is wrong with her and this is very frustrating for a simple minded person like me to comprehend. We are going to a specialist Monday. If he is as perplexed as all the other doctors, I may very well lose it.

Em is feeling better and worked out with me at the fitness center yesterday, as she usually does on Saturdays. Afterwards she wanted to go swimming. I envisioned us playing motor boat motor boat, or Marco Polo. No, she wanted to swim laps. I really need to learn to let go.

Getting Em better is all that matters. All the other inconveniences around this problem are insignificant. But there are other inconveniences. Between GM's new, anemic health plan, and accidentally going to a hospital that isn't in this new, anemic plan, I am responsible for at least $3500 of the costs we incurred last week. This is the cost of a Gary Fisher Superfly to put it in relative terms. With other things going on right now, the timing was bad for that bill. And we apparently brought home the influenza virus from the hospital. Cin was violently ill for two days and I am waiting for the kids to get sick and that really hurts. I won't get sick. I never get sick. I think I have some type of gene mutation that causes germs and viruses to bounce off me like marshmallows off armor. I think some large pharmaceutical should be willing to pay me $3500 for my genes, get FDA approval, and bottle it. What do I know.


  1. Yikes... hope your girlie is on the upswing soon!

  2. Zen - life can be that way - hope it all comes good for Em - I'm in the same frame of mind training wise, I'm ticking over waiting for my inner switch to switch. All the best.

  3. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I hope your little girl heals up fast.