Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's All Relative

Cin sent me this picture 10 minutes ago. Right now she is somewhere in a 5K snowshoe race in Traverse City. This is her second time wearing snowshoes ever. She didn't train for this race; in fact, she won't even pump her own gas when it is cold outside yet she is doing a race in Northern Michigan. This is kind of impressive. I know the race was just her excuse to spend the weekend with friends and all the debauchery that goes along with a girl's weekend away but still, it's impressive.

This makes me think about all the people that show up for mountain bike races. I like to beat myself up for my inability to place in an Expert race but at the same time, I (unintentionally) feel smug when I lap slower racers. It's all relative. Just mustering up the motivation to line up at a race really is a significant accomplishment for some people. There are other people that have a life style and an innate ability to go fast. I am someplace in the middle and today's introspective lesson to myself is I need to be comfortable with that.

10:57 AM Edit:

Cin just sent me another picture; she finished and Renee won over all in the woman's division, taking home the coveted Bigfoot trophy. I'm not sure which accomplishment is more impressive.


  1. bah... forgot about today's festivities! :( Guess it's a good thing... saving my energy for my huge BB debut against the local news team this evening. BUT.. what I wouldn't give to own that BIGFOOT!

  2. Ya know Ali, I was half expecting you to be at this race. It seems like the cold, miserable nonsense you would be up for. Just a point of interest, Renee is a second grade teacher too. It must be something about dealing with other's children and school boards that makes one suited for dealing with self inflicting pain and harsh elements. Just a theory.

  3. Wow! Walking 5K in snowshoes is impressive, much less hurrying.