Friday, April 30, 2010

Island Lake Photo Essay

It looks like it will be a rainy weekend. I need to start training soon or this season will slip away. At work I would look out the window and plan my training ride for tonight. I tried to recommit myself to racing.

When I got home from work, Allie said: "remember we are going to go bicycle riding at Island Lake?" Uh no, I didn't remember any such thing. I answered: "of course angle, are you ready to go?"

Emilie didn't really want to go. I gently coaxed her to come along.
We rode the paved trail until Allie seemed ready to go off road. I wouldn't push her to do anything she didn't want to do, but I figured a nudge is fine.

Em has been on single track before but this was Allie's first time.
I am so proud. Training can wait


  1. I zoomed in on the pic of the girls sitting on their bikes. Allie looks shall we say, dis-enchanted. Upon closer observation I could totally understand why. Performance? With gears? Get that girl on a kick ass single speed before the damage is irreparable.

  2. LOL, yesterday I noticed her bike had horizontal dropouts that would make a nice single speed. It seriously crossed my mind. But the dis-enchanted look... I took like 50 pictures with my camera phone and these were the most dis-dis-enchanted I captured. I was baffled; turns out she thought it was going to be just her and me riding together.

  3. Emilie & Allies MommyMay 1, 2010 at 4:26 PM

    You have two beautiful daughters...

  4. Great call, Dad!! Go check out Sandy Scott on facebook sometime. He just set the record for the 60 or 70 year old State TT in Florida. Bike racing will be there for pretty much ever but these days with your daughters at these tender ages will not.

  5. Looks like a great day indeed! How fun to watch your girls take to the trail!