Friday, April 30, 2010

Group Ride at Brighton Req

Last night was the MMBA group ride at Brighton. I do most my riding on this trail since it's in my back yard. I figured I would have no problem keeping up with the fast group last night. I was dropped. My 3 hour a week training plan isn’t yielding the results I was hoping for. Christ I am going to get clobbered at the Brighton race on May 16th. I suppose I can take some solace in the fact that I will try; it takes little effort to line up at a race when you stand a chance of placing.

Laura suggested there should be a remedial class for people who shouldn't be racing Expert but don’t feel right dropping back down to Sport. I think she is on to something. Last year I dropped down to Sport Single Speed for a few races since this class has average speeds in between the Expert and Sport geared classes. Sport SS is the closest thing there is to a remedial class.

I think I might put my SS back together. I sold my beautiful Chris King SS wheels for next to nothing on eBay during a selling frenzy this spring and pulled other parts off my SS to rebuild my ghetto bike. My SS is just a dusty Ingles frame hanging in the rafters of my garage, the only thing I tried selling that no one wanted. I looked at it last night and felt a sense of comradeship.

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  1. Passing a tree in the woods gives you the sensation you're flying.

    Trying to hang on to the tail end of a 23 mph pace line gives the sensation you're dying.