Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain Day

It’s raining. This is cool because I cannot help but ride when the weather is nice and I have no pressing commitments. And two weeks of good weather and few commitments have toasted my legs. My lap time for the Murray Lake trail improved to 34:50 by the end of last week. The 20 second improvement every time I rode the trail this spring has everything to do with improved trail conditions and nothing to do with any real improvement in conditioning. But just for fun I like to consider a scenario where I improve that much every week. I would still have my ass handed to me at Yankee Springs but man I would be fast for the Iceman. Yesterday my lap times disintegrated to 39:something, as if I didn't realize I needed a few rest days.

I should lift today according to the fuzzy schedule I made for myself last fall. This will work out fine actually. I was initially concerned with taking away 3 hours a week from riding in order to lift; however, I have a feeling this was a good use of my time.

More important than all this, Allison has shown an interest in riding (on something other than a tandem) for the first time ever. I had all but given up by the end of last year. I took Allie to the park near our house when I got home from work yesterday so she could ride her bike. I could tell she had a good time. Last night when I got home from my ride, Allie asked to ride around the garage since it is now empty, and it was dark outside. She can only make tight left hand turns so she went counter clockwise in the garage until I dragged her in at bedtime. She wasn’t ready to stop riding and said something mean under her breath. I was delighted.

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  1. Love that story about your girl only making lefty turns. I learned to ride my brothers huge bmx bike when I was 4 by having my dad push me around the house while I was steering. I eventually could stand/pedal but only make the left and crashing to stop. ahh... once ya learn, ya never forget huh?