Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday at Heritage Park

Yesterday, like every Wednesday, Allie and I went on an adventure while we waited for Emilie to finish dance. I kicked myself for not throwing our bicycles on the rack before we left home. The kids dance in Canton which is 45 minutes from our house so it didn’t make good sense to go back and get our bikes. Allie and I went to the Heritage Park and had a great time. God I dig her.

The plan is to move to Canton when our house sells. Em and Cindy often point out that much of what we do and most of their friends are in that area so this plan is reasonable. I won’t mind the extra 30 minute drive to work (each way) but I will miss having three really nice trails within riding distance of my house. And the people in Canton are…different. They drive BMWs and wear matching sweat suites. In Brighton they drive F150s and wear jeans and tees. I’m just not comfortable in Canton.

Allie doesn’t want to move either. I was working really hard to sell the plan to her last night. I pointed out how nice Heritage Park was, although it is a bit too sterile for my taste, with the well manicured grass, trees planted in strict accordance to some carefully laid out print, and people in matching sweat suites walking their pretentious little dogs. Just then we were passed by a guy on a beautiful Niner, wearing a LBS kit, right down do his socks and helmet. Ricky racer was working hard and going slow. I could hear him breathing. He had this intense, angry race face and weaved in and out of the matching sweat suites walking pretentious dogs. Middle chain-ring on a perfectly flat, paved path? Oh please.

I don’t know if I can do this.


  1. Think Ikea. All better? Sorry... We struggle daily with the dilemma of moving from small town-tiny house/"white trash" area where rides are in abundance from the the larger CITY where conveniences abound & so does the smell of pretentiousness.

  2. You must know the area, an Ikea is almost walking distance from the park. You and G are not being lulled in by the potential of wearing matching sweat suites, are you?

  3. Hahaha when I was younger and we were moving...we were first told my dad was going to be moved to the Dearborn plant, but then it changed to anyway, prior to that, we were looking at houses in the Plymouth/Canton area, and I was in 6th grade and I was like, "All these people suck and are pretentious. Those little yip-yip dogs are annoying. Everyone looks the same."..etc, etc. So, I know what you mean! haha...have fun with that, go show that Niner guy how it's done...or don't even give him the pleasure of basking in your awesomeness.