Friday, April 16, 2010

Email From My Wife


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Neil Wagner
Fri, Apr 16, 2010 7:58 am

I really want you to do the race~Why?
1. It is important to you!
2. None of my close friends husbands will be there!
3. First comp-nervous and I will be running around!
4. There are plenty more performances coming up.
5. There is "a little" anxiety between us and I am nervous enough.
6. You are a great Dad-you don't have to prove it by coming!
7. The 3 of us understand! Really we do!
8. You work super hard do something you enjoy!
9. Go show off that super nice bike!!!
10. You have gotten fast! Go prove it!
11. I have a cell phone to update you!
12. I want you too!
13. First race---you need too!
14. Honestly it is not a big deal if you miss the first one! (We need to work
out the kinks!)
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Oh man, what to do...
The last few months of my life have had so many twists and turns that it would make a cheesy daytime soap opera's plot seem plausible. I appreciate Cin's email but I think I have just been uninvited to my daughters' dance competition, which does free me up to do the Yankee Springs Time Trial. I put this race out of my mind a few weeks ago. I like to spend the week before a race getting psyched up for it so if I do the race Sunday, it's because I really have nothing else going on. No big deal, just not my ideal pre-race situation.

Here, let me drag Allie into this to lighten things up a bit. Allie and I went on our first ride together this week. It was very cool.

In my typical frenzy picking up the kids from school and getting Emilie off to dance, I forgot to pack water bottles. Once we were at the Heritage Park, I went into Allie's school backpack to get her Hello Kitty water bottle and found she had replaced it with one of my Tailwind Mountain Bike Series bottles. Nice.

But she said the water tastes like soap. Right, sorry about that hun.

Earlier that day I went to Allie’s school to see her research project. She seems to enjoy riding more than science. Nothing wrong with that; I would rather see her place in a CAT-A collegiate XC race than win the Nobel Peace Prize anyway.


  1. Nice panties!

    PS. I think the Nobel would be nice.

  2. So, what is the verdict??? You racing?

  3. Bob,
    How did I know you were going to comment on the panties?

    It's complicated. I will probably make up my mind Sunday morning. Good luck Sunday.

  4. I like the Science picture...I know this feeling.

    Enjoy the day whatever you choose!