Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday Night Group Ride

Yesterday I did a group ride at the Poto. My self-confidence was squished after a miserable performance at Yankee Springs but last night I managed to keep the front group in sight. My average heart rate was significantly higher at Poto than at Yankee Springs. I think I just need to keep my composure, stay motivated, and not take another winter off from training.

There is usually a BBQ after the Thursday night ride. I seldom stay for this since I try to get home for dinner and I am not much of a meat eater anyway. Eating something yanked out of a cow after a hard ride does not sound appealing to me. Last night I stayed for the BBQ and brought Texas Caviar (a mixture of beans, corn, peppers, garlic, and Italian dressing). A great ride. A great BBQ. And no animals were harmed in the making of my dish to pass.

Wednesday, as usual, was “Allie Day”. I am careful not to discourage any plans Allie has for us. She wanted to ride so I loaded our bikes on the truck before we dropped Emilie off at dance. But there was a light rain by the time we got ready to ride. I gently suggested we go to Jungle Java and play indoors. Allie wanted to ride in the rain and so we did. It was miserable. I fretted over what Allie must be feeling and wondered if this was going to discourage her from riding again. Allie was riding ahead of me, turns and says: “I like the feeling of rain on my face.” Interesting, we were both experiencing the same thing but experienced it differently.

After our ride we picked up Emilie and went out for a late dinner. As much as I dislike Canton, they do have good restaurants. My favorites are the Thai Bistro and the Mongolian BBQ. I let the kids decide where we ate. They wanted White Castle.


  1. "we were both experiencing the same thing but experienced it differently." post today said almost the same thing and I promise I hadn't read yours.

  2. I noticed that and realized you posted yours before you read mine. Great minds ya know...

  3. What a gift to ride in the rain! And that Allie appreciates even more wonderful!