Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rest Day

Cindy and I are at an indoor water park with the kids. Cin had suggested I bring my bike; a good idea but it is crummy out and I think I would have an uninspired ride around here. I left the bike home. This is the first year ever we didn't take the kids to Florida over spring break; we are really trying to be financially responsible.

I put my Inglis single speed on the MMBA classifieds. A friend responded to the thread by copying and pasting an old post of mine from the MMBA forum about how I would never ever sell this bike. One must be careful what they say on the Internet. What he doesn't realize is how I would rather sell one of my extra kidneys. Such is life.

The kids both brought friends so my job is just to wait at this table and pass out money as needed. They have Internet access here so it isn't bad. And I like people watching and quietly being critical of everyone; like why does the life guard carry a Baywatch type flotation device in water that is only 10" deep? As best as I can figure, it is to smack kids upside the head for running. All the kids here have ADD so maybe he is on to something. Probably not.

Allie and her friend spent 45 minutes in the water and will apparently spend the other 7 hrs and 15 minutes in the arcade, an arcade very much like the one that is 10 minutes from our house.

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