Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I decided to bypass the Yankee Springs TT this weekend and will go to my daughters' dance competition on Saturday and Sunday. If they do well at this regional event, they advance to the nationals in Ohio. Every single dancer apparently does well at regionals and therefore goes to nationals. We already have our hotel reservations in Ohio.

Tickets go on sale for the Offspring Saturday at 10:00 am. I am going to take a laptop to the dance competition and will try to sneak out of the auditorium and buy tickets. I am a huge Offspring fan but as a 44 year old balding Engineer, I will feel out of place in that crowd; I use to poke fun of people like me at concerts.

There are certain bands I want to see live but I often feel out of place. I saw Tori Amos last summer and felt, I don’t know, too straight. I went to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert before that and felt too old and uptight. Before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I saw Rush and felt like I was the only person not still living in 1983 (which was a great year by the way but it was over at the end of December 1983).

Which brings me back to the Offspring. I asked Emilie if she wanted to go to the concert with me and she enthusiastically said “yes”. This will work out perfect on two levels. First, instead of looking like an out of place Engineer, I will look like the cool dad who takes his 12 year old daughter to a concert. Second, I just might be able to change Em’s taste in music. She controls the radio in the car and I can’t handle any more Lady Gaga.


  1. Gotta love Lady GaGA!!!! ;-)

    Yup, you ARE a really cool and really GOOD Dad! Bicycles and time trials will always be there.

  2. Thank you Mary...but cool? Have you not been paying attention?? I am so un-cool I freak myself out at times. And not the too cool to care un-cool, I mean the regular, minivan driving un-cool.