Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making the Best of a Rainy Sunday

Cindy and the girls were gone today, leaving me 5 hours to myself. Perfect opportunity to put my single speed back together.

All back together, and 4 hours and 25 minutes to spare. I'm happy with everything except the down hill straight gage pre-vintage LX wheels. I could use my Black Flag disc wheelset, I'd just have buy a set of Avid BB7 mechanical calipers, available for about $60 on eBay. Normally a no-brainer but right now I don't feel comfortable spending any money on my bike.

During a break in the rain, Bill stopped by with a bad-ass vintage Ross single speed he just put together; slightly more vintage but much more bad-ass than my Inglis.

Four hours later I picked up Emilie and Allison. We went shopping. They didn't ask for my advice.


  1. It'd take me 5 days to put a bike together Zen - I bought my other half a road-bike for her 45th - after 1 short 'test' ride I decided she doesn't need cleats just yet! On her second ride she clocked 45miles - fair play!

  2. 45 miles?!? Now there is a woman to reckon with. But I would still make her fumbler around with clipless pedals.

  3. Yeah - cleats will come soon, at the moment she needs more hours on the road - I know it may not be your bag but we both enjoy the Tour de France it'll hopefully inspire us to get out and ride a bit more - hey, I might even dust off My GT Zaskar! Good luck with your race list - it looks demanding.

  4. I'm a huge Tour fan; it's the only sporting event I watch on TV. Mark Cavendish (sp?) is from your (general) area and I suppose he is fairly fast, for the last 100 meters anyway.

  5. CAV! He's been a bad boy at the Giro Tour de Italia. He 'fine tuned' his victory salute as he took another sprint finish - this seriously miffed
    the officials - he was DQ'd. Next up is Tour de California with Cav and Lance - televised on Sunday I think? As for the Giro they're just in Holland at the moment having a serious set of 'crash incidents' with Holland's over the top street furniture. It's been painful just watching!