Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bishop Lake

Em didn't have dance today for some reason so Allison and I got to spend Allie-Day around home. We went swimming at Bishop Lake. The beach shares the same parking lot as the mountain bike trail. While we swam, bikers would ride down to the beach and go swimming to cool off. Every time a rider would come down I felt a pang of guilt like I should be riding. But not really. Allie is at a really fun age and I wouldn't give up our time together for anything. I feel Em slipping away; she wanted to go to her girlfriend's house instead of swimming. Ouch.

Allie asked me to set up a CD player in her room. This struck me as a little strange because she is not part of the CD generation; all her music is in a MP3 format. It was fun seeing her re-discover my Ramones CDs like I re-discovered my older brother's Neil Young 8 tracks. She has been listening to country music lately and I was getting a little concerned.

My new chain and bottom bracket showed up today, kind of like Christmas. Apparently I never tried to put a 16 tooth cog on my bike before because my chain wouldn't stretch far enough to accommodate such a big gear. I think I need it for Bloomer this weekend. I would back out of this race but I ran my mouth off about how I was going to do it and now some non-race friends are coming to watch me get my ass kicked, I don't want to disappoint. When everything was apart I noticed my bottom bracket was fried. I'm surprised I didn't notice this earlier.

Once the kids were settled down, I had time to do one lap at Murray Lake. 37:24. It was slower that I expected. I didn't leave the house until 8:30 so it was pretty dark in the woods. I will blame the low light and not the fact that I haven't been riding. My reality is a fickle thing.

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