Thursday, May 13, 2010

Solving Problems That Don't Exist

I have Thursday evenings all to myself. I am not motivated enough to ride in the rain so tonight I used my free time to install disc brakes on my Inglis single speed, and in doing so became the last racer in Michigan to go from rim brakes to disc brakes. Disc brakes work swell, especially in the rain, but slowing down isn’t my problem. And I don't ride in the rain. The only reason I made the switch to discs was to use my Black Flag disc wheelset. The only reason I am using my Black Flag disc wheelset is because I sold my Chris King wheelset. It isn't entirely clear to me why I sold my Chris King wheels; perhaps it was so I would have money to buy disc brakes.

Regardless how I got to this point, my Inglis now looks light and spiffy, and I have time left to ride on the trainer which isn’t a horrible way to get in an hour ride. Not a bad Thursday night really.


  1. Thanks, they do look pretty cool if I may say so myself but I’m not exactly bragging; I’m admitting I drank the Kool-Aid.