Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 Race Schedule

Normally I have my tentative race schedule hammered out by January. This year I paused to consider if I really want to put up with all the race nonsense. I do; however, at this point I am not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to race Expert. Dropping down to Sport Single Speed takes the pressure off racing but still, I'm making an effort to do well (short of actually training). I saved the titanium bars and post from my ghetto bike for my Inglis single speed. I even got a Chris King stainless steel cog just in case the extra 3 grams my stamped steel cog weighed was the thing preventing me from turning in solid lap times. Just so I don't appear to be obsessing over insignificant things, I should point out that this is 3 grams of rotating mass which is equivalent to 5 grams of static mass.

5/16 Brighton
5/29 Bloomer
6/27 Big M (tentative)
7/10 Boyne Marathon
8/21 Maybury
9/12 Addison Oaks
9/26 Pando
10/9 12 Hours of Addison Oaks (if I can talk some friends into this)
11/6 Iceman

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