Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am not a dog person. We have a Miniature Schnauzer but only because my daughters wanted it. I’m sure I would somehow get them a unicorn if they asked because I love my girls, not because I enjoy picking up unicorn manure in the backyard.

I took yesterday off work to power-wash the deck which I should have done Sunday but I was at the Brighton CC race, yet another reason to contemplate racing. It was raining but that didn’t interfere with washing the deck. A dog came into the yard to hang out with me, perhaps the ugliest dog I have ever seen. I think it is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix, a dog with big bulging eyes that point in two different directions, wet and shivering and very skinny. And no ID.

Em was home too, she was too ill to go to school but had an amazing recovery when she saw the dog, like when Lazareth was raised from the dead. She asked if we could keep him. I am trying to act more like a dad so I said no. She said: “Come here [insert as many names as you can rattle off in 30 seconds].” When she said “Jack,” he came running.

Apparently we have a new dog. Cindy put Jack on the Livingston County Humane Society lost and found web page. Tonight, instead of riding, I am going to put posters on every single telephone pole in Brighton. The Humane Society said if we bring Jack to their animal shelter, and no one claims him in 7 days, we can adopt him. They will even install a chip in his ear and neuter him because a dog like Jack should not procreate.

I am bright enough to make rational decisions but emotional enough not to. I think I am doing the Bloomer race next weekend.

*************** 5/22/10 Update ***************

Jack's owner finally claimed him. He was a sweet dog so I almost miss him. His real name was Jixter, not too far from "Jack". He hopped into their car and didn't even look back, like he didn't even care.


  1. Making posters of "Jack" wasn't in the plan today...especially when he is sleeping like and angel right next to me!

  2. Would you like me to stop on my way home from work and get you a unicorn?

  3. Maybe a CHINCHILLA! LOL!!!!

  4. Heart of Gold! My little Jack Russell (Dot) would follow me to the end of the earth, last year she clocked 30 miles in the rain up with me in one hit - 6hrs of hill running with no complaints! You're gonna have rig some sort of device to your bike, so you can takeJack for a spin!

  5. Although I am not into dogs, I have quietly admired Jack Russell Terriers. Jack is only part terrier but he acts like one and is the sweetest dog I ever met. The energy bottled up in that little dog is amazing. I will be sad when he leaves (but not as sad as if he stays).