Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Training Plan

Today I dusted off the training plan I put together for myself earlier this year. I guess I was suppose to do 1 minute intervals today. To be honest, I'm not sure I would be following my plan even if I wanted to. Allie and I went to Plymouth to pick up some pottery we made last week and then to a very cool bike shop, Trails-Edge. This shop has vintage race bikes covering the walls, like Slingshots and Yetis, back from when these frames were made in the States, a little sad. And they have a great parts selection. I wanted a bigger cog in case I do the Bloomer race next weekend. I think I used a 34x14 last year and I did pretty well but I just don't think I have it in me to use such a steep gear on a fairly hilly course. I got a Surly 16 tooth gear. It's a gamble. I also picked up a Surly Tug Nut Chain Tensioner.

My rear wheel kept coming lose and throwing the chain at the Brighton race. I was afraid that might happen so I went to my local bike shop earlier that week to see if they had any chain tensioners. The guy behind the counter said he would look but went over to the tool section of the shop. He had no idea what a chain tensioner was. It isn't a tool. Apparently he is. I would love to work at a bike shop so it frustrates me to see a shop employee who really doesn't care about bikes. Maybe he is just trying to provide for his family so I should relax a bit.

Allison and I then went to the Maybury State Park. There is an okay mountain bike trail there but Allie isn't ready for that. Maybury also has paved trails which we rode. We looked for play structures they have throughout the park so our ride would seem to have purpose. Of course our ride had a much deeper purpose. It will be very hard when she doesn't want to ride with me anymore but I will worry about that some other day, right now I will just appreciate my riding partner.


  1. I can't wait. I can see the title of the post already. "The BOYFRIEND has TATTOOS!"

  2. Maybe if it were a bike racer's calf tattoo I could live with that. Who am I fooling, no, I couldn't.

  3. "It isn't a tool. Apparently he is." Very funny Zen.

  4. Thank you Runner. I get a lot of hits from Europe and I often wonder if American slang gets lost in the translation. Not this time anyway.