Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brighton Cross Country Race

I just finished the Brighton race, 1:53:19. I was a minute slower than last year, somewhat disappointing but not unexpected. The 3 grams I saved by going to a Chris King cog didn't help as much as I was hoping. It was a good race. Racing a familiar course and dropping down to Sport did take a lot of pressure off. I finished 4th out of 14 so I think I am in the right class. It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the mid 60's. And it was very convenient; I picked up my number this morning after I dropped Allie off at a birthday party then rode my bike from the house to the starting line. I am home with plenty of time left to cut the grass; this is as perfect of a race as they come I suppose.

I might skip the next race or two and give some serious thought to whether or not I want to compete. I am an optimistic person but really, racing without training makes about as much sense as buying a Chris King cog.

Maybe if I buy a Chris King headset I can get some solid results. Maybe...


  1. You've got to be enjoying it what ever you decide to do Zen - 4th sounds good to me. I see 'Cav' had no problems taking the first stage?

  2. It is very cool to see Europeans take a pro road race in the States seriously. For a second I thought BMC might just take the win yesterday but Cav and Team Columbia made it look so damn easy, as always. Amazing.

    As for me, I am OK with 4th. I'm not as bitter as I think I sound sometimes.