Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Was a Fat Kid (Revised)

I still struggle with my weight. Racing is about your power to weight ratio and since I don't have a lot of power, I really try to take care of my weight. But the thing is, everyone at work sets out snacks to share. It changes all the time but below is what I had to avoid today.

I set out edamame beans once; techs are still making fun of me.

(10/3/09 Edit: an anonymous comment questioned just how fat I was as a kid...33 years must have blurred their memory, in a very kind and merciful way)


  1. My average speed always decreased when I was carrying another bike around my mid-section. :)

    But I loved me some Orange Sports Beans by Jelly Belly.

  2. My average speed always decreases when I am carrying another water bottle cage around my mid-section.

  3. I have known you since 2nd grade, when were you ever fat? I have all class photos to prove my point. Don't make me post them.

  4. Judy? My mom had to sew extra material in my jeans in 5th grade. I am still dramatized. I am scanning a picture rigt now :)