Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Island Lakes

Jim is one of my few close friends left from high school. He has been looking for work since Thanksgiving. He called me today at lunch to tell me he was working, not so much that he was working but that his new job is going to mess up his plans for bow hunting next month. I really think I might be taking my career too seriously. It was a perfect day outside, and I was questioning the merits of the Protestant work ethic, so I decided to take a half day vacation in order to get in a long ride.

As I was getting my biking stuff together I asked Em, as I normally do, if she wanted to ride with me. For the first time in a long time she said "sure." Emilie, my sweet angle, is reaching adolescence and I don't always pick up on her sarcasm. I said "really?" She said "yes" and she wanted to ride at Island Lakes. Island Lakes? She knows the trails by name? You mean, she listens to me when I talk to my friends? Seriously?

Emilie could win the Pulitzer Prize and I couldn't be prouder than I am right now.

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