Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am at Detroit Metro waiting to fly to LA. This my first attempt to post with a BlackBerry. I use to travel a lot for work which worked out well because I liked to travel a lot. There is something satisfying with leaving the frozen wasteland of Michigan behind, rent a bicycle from a bike shop mechanic in some warm Western state, and ride on trails I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to experience.

I don't care to travel anymore. And GM only sends us across the country when there is such an ugly mess that it cannot be fixed through net-meetings or email. I am flying into an ugly mess.

My wife use to drive me to the airport, now I leave my truck in long term parking. I hope no one steals my Yakima rack.


  1. DETROIT metro long term parking...there will be nothing left of my truck when I get back I just know it.