Saturday, September 26, 2009

Possibly the Perfect Day

I left to go riding early this morning so nothing would foil my plans to get in a ride today. A great ride. My legs had recovered from a brutal group ride on Thursday. It was very foggy, I could only see 10 yards in front of me which is really all you need when riding. It felt like I was riding in a cloud, what heaven must feel like. I imagine the bikes in heaven weigh under the 15 lb USCF weight limit. There has to be bikes in heaven, if not I am converting to Hinduism so I can be reincarnated and the next time I won't squander opportunity.

As I was finishing my ride, Mike called and invited me to ride with him and Rene at Island lakes. Em and Allie are at the age where I can leave them home for a bit. Two rides in one day. Nice.

Allie had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon which let Em and I go out on a date. We saw All About Steve. It was good. I had zero expectations.

For dinner we went to Thai Express, the best restaurant in the world. We normally just choose between three different dishes but today we tried something new, Peanut Pad Thai. Excellent.

Before we picked up Allie from the party, Em and I went to Oh My Lolly in Downtown Brighton and got a lolly pop and walked and talked. It doesn't take much to make the perfect day. Actually I guess it does.

Emilie 6 years ago...and for the record, I wasn't as obsessed about riding as she implies.

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