Monday, September 14, 2009

Setting Up Shop At The Top Of Four Seasons

I just got off a conference call with Michigan and I have some time to Kill before my day begins in California. L.A. (actually Thousand Oaks but it is close to L.A.) is interesting. The money displayed around here is staggering. I am a simple person who lives in a simple house and drives a simple, piece of crap truck. I am working on 2010 Cadillacs that the harsh, West coast media will be driving later this morning. We are working out of the Four Seasons Hotel. It is amazing.

I am not staying at the Four Seasons (of course) but they do let me use their bathroom. The bathroom is amazing.

I am working in the parking lot. Amused wealthy people staying at the hotel come watch me, much like you would watch monkeys swinging from tires and picking fleas from one another's backs at the zoo. They say things like: "so you fellas are from Detroit, eh? We grow lemons, you guys make them. Ha ha ha ha..." Cute.

I brought my SIDIs, pedals, helmet, and riding clothes. I was hoping to rent a bike while I am here. The only shop I found that rents bikes only rents high end carbonfiber road bikes with Dura-Ace components, and at $50 a day. I am on the fence. There are lots of vanity plates in California. Lots of plain vanity.

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  1. "We grow lemons, you guys make them." lol

    I'm a CA native. CA doesn't make anything.....but they sure are good at consuming!