Wednesday, September 16, 2009


California is beautiful.

I think all the meals in California are served with garnish, not just the main dish...

But the fruit too...

And the dessert...

And maybe the salads, kind of hard to tell.

And even the butter. The garnish serves no purpose really. At first it is just an interesting curiosity, pretty soon you start expecting it, finally you feel entitled to it. I hope I can re-acclimate myself to Michigan living.

I rented a bike today, a beautiful full suspension Giant with the Fox F-series fork I always wanted. I brought two spare tubes from home. I got three flats. Riding has been the highlight of my week.


  1. That food looks delicious, garnish or not.

  2. Lindsay,
    The food is increadible here, they don't miss a thing.

    Monday and Tuesday was the West Coast media, they hate us. Today was the Middle East media, they hate us, just on a different level. Tomorrow will be the China media, they dig us for some reason; in fact, we sold more cars in China last year than North America. The young hipsters in China all want Buicks. Stop laughing, I am serious.

  3. I knew there was a reason we still made those things :)