Friday, July 31, 2009

Life and Times of a Bottom Feeder

My senior year of high school I planned on going to Michigan State University. State is a fun school. A teacher insisted I apply to the University of Michigan. Through an apparent clerical error, I was accepted. U of M is a great school if you are smart. It is tough if you are very average. I struggled but the words of that teacher got me through: pay attention, work hard, and some day you will have the miens to buy a new Fox 32 F-Series fork, with FIT Remote. It was something like that. I was contemplating that tonight as I painted the vintage 1998 SID fork I got for $50 off the MMBA classifieds page, trying to make it look, I duno, less vintage. I was also contemplating the fatigue life of aluminum. It is an upgrade over what I have on my Felt anyway.

My bikes are an accumulation of used upper end parts that no one wants anymore. They are like rolling islands of misfit toys. I replace seals, bearings, etc. and try to squeeze a few more years out of them. I was replacing spokes after my wheel fiasco last week and I noticed I have about 26 different spoke/nipple combinations on the rear wheel. How crappy are my bikes you wonder? I put my single speed on the MMBA page at the end of last season for $250 OBO and got no bites. I then sold the frame on ebay for $40 and bought the Inglis frame to build up my current steed. I asked the guy I bought the frame from what year it was. He had no idea. The guy he bought it from had bought it used. My bike has been passed around more than a pit hussy. But that's OK, I love my bike as much as anyone loves their carbon fiber Gary Fisher Super Fly 29er. I just really want a Fox Forx.

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  1. I like your profile a lot.

    "What I lack ....I make up for in sheer will."

    hell yeah!!!!! You've got a positive vibe from me going out to you for each and every race this year. Next year will require a renewal quote for me to live by. ;-)