Friday, July 24, 2009

Tori Amos VS the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I am going to see Tori Amos at the Detroit Opera House on 8/8/09. I am excited. I bought tickets before I knew whom I was going with. Cin reluctantly agreed to go. We have different tastes in music. She asked me to go to the Detroit Hoe Down. I refused to go to that white trash cesspool of skank fest. I was hoping she would be more open-minded than me. The last concert we went to was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Magic Stick in Detroit. Cin is into NY art punk about as much as I am into all that achy breaky heart nonsense. Karen O looked right at me. That glance is burnt into my memory. It was an amazing concert. Not so much for Cin. I remember the baffled expression on her face when she came back from the bathroom: "Neil, there are girls kissing in there..."
I am not cool enough for NY punk. I am not cool enough to ride a fixie. A girl came up to me at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert and asked if I was with the band, apparently assuming I was their accountant because I clearly didn't belong in that crowd. That was the first time my complete and unapologetic lack of coolness has been an issue since high school, although, I do secretly want a fixie and a tattoo. I will fit in with the Tori Amos crowd much better, even if my wife is just a prop.

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