Thursday, July 23, 2009

When it rains...

It's been a tough week. I wonder if being a GM employee now is what it felt like to be a Roman citizen in 476 AD. Yesterday I snuck in a ride at Maybury while my kids were at dance. Half way around the course I taco'd my beautiful Chris King/Bontriger Asymmetric Valiant wheel. Walking back to the truck it began to sprinkle, then rain, then down pour. When I picked up the kids from dance, Em asked if she could spend the night at a friends. I said sure, which set Allie off on a monologue (which lasted the better part of the night) on how unfair it was. Came home to find Daisy had gnawed through a leg on our kitchen table (frustrating yet somehow amazing). I have 9 hours of the TDF recorded but, in an effort to keep Allie (whom I love more than life itself) happy (no small task), I played Polly Pockets with her instead of catching up on the Tour. Polly Pockets are these little dolls, about the the size of your finger, you dress up. It takes less hand eye coordination to perform a circumcision than it does to dress these little figurines, and the whole time Allie is reminding me I have no fashion sense (which hurts because it is true).
I think my race season is shot but I better start riding more than I have been because I think I am getting a little bitter.


  1. I'll save you 9 hours....Lance loses! :)

  2. Polly havent seen those for years...the pieces all go lost because they were so small.

    Not riding does make one bitter.....two weeks off the bike has proven that to me...