Saturday, September 19, 2009

L.A. Photo Essay

I'm back in Michigan and I think we are gong to watch the Wizard of Oz, again. It is a good film, I guess, but it begs the question: "what happens to Dorthy after she returns to Kansas?" I mean, after all the effort to get back, I imagine she found there were chores to do and relationships to mend, and in the end Dorthy realizes the Midwest has no charm to sooth the restless dreams of youth. Now that's an image I might use someday but I am worn out right now and stuck between different timezones and I don't have the energy to take a simple event, like family movie night, and subtly twist it into some convoluted, introspective metaphor that hints at a bigger truth. Instead I will end this series with a photo essay of my trip to L.A.


  1. Soooo, just so I know, is photo number 4 a shot of a "tree of shame" you referenced in your last post.

    If so, there are all sorts of kinky possibilities there.

  2. Lol, different tree. I guess I don't take the typical tourist pictures.