Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Another flat tire. Four flats between three different wheels on two different bikes all in one week. What is remarkable is this happens every year: I go 12 months without a flat then get a bunch in a row. If it were the same wheel I would assume it was a rim strip out of position or something but my flats are spread indiscriminately over different wheels on different bikes. Whatever, apparently I’m good for another year.

I am disappointed with myself for letting everything come unglued this season. I have started riding again as if I were training. I am riding disciplined. Last night Emilie and I went grocery shopping so I would have healthy snacks in my office as an alternative to going to the vending machines. Em suggested we make a pack to not eat chocolate during the week. I love her. I even started stretching and I have noticed my knees don’t hurt after long rides, something that was becoming an issue this summer.

It's too late to make any real difference for the Iceman but my aspirations are much higher than race results; there are so many things in life I have little or no control over, I just want to gain back control over me.

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