Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boyne State Championship

Saturday I finished stripping the good parts off my single speed so I could build back my Felt geared bike for the Boyne State Championships today. It is only the "State Championships" because the race organizer called it that, they could very well have called it the National Championships, or the International Championships, or Intergalaxy Championships. Just saying something is doesn't necessarily make it so, still, it is my favorite course, and I was in a nasty car accident on my way to this race 11 years ago so it has become a bit of a yearly pilgrimage for me.

But it has rained all weekend with no end in sight. And I couldn't find anyone to make the 240 mile trip up to Boyne with me; they all had family stuff or cross races (Pthfff). Boyne is a good, well organized race but usually has a low turn out for some reason. And there was the question of what class to race in. Boyne is way too steep for a single speed, and I won there (by almost 15 minutes) in Sport a few years ago so it would be socially irresponsible for me to drop down to the Sport geared class. I got up after 3 hours of sleep and wondered: should I make a 480 mile round trip alone only to have my ass handed to me in Expert? In the rain? Maybe.

I went back to bed. The kids are at dance practice so I will go to church alone and ride the stationary when I get home. I think I just hit rock bottom.

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