Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Cyclocross Race

I signed up for a 5 K run last year, I don't know why. The only running shoes I own are the ones I cut the grass in. I showed up at the starting line in my camo cargo shorts, sweatshirt, and grass stained shoes. I had never felt so out of place in my life.

I felt just as out of place at the Maybury cyclocross race this morning. I did install a rigid fork and 1.5 Continental Cross Country tires on my mountain bike just so it would look like I made an effort to fit in. I got a 10 minute lesson on how to race cross right before we lined up. I was the last person to get a FaceBook account, I wasn't going to be the last one to jump on the cyclocross band wagon. Actually I was just board. And Denny has been trying to talk me into giving it a try.

I didn't take this race serious. I didn't expect to be struggling in the middle of the C class; I might be in trouble for the Iceman in a few weeks. I didn't stay for the results.

There is a cyclocross race in Ann Arbor next weekend. We'll see...


  1. Engineers! Less time tweaking your bike and more time in the saddle worked for me. I'm just sayin'......