Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pisgah National Forest

I spent the better part of the first day of my week long vacation in Urgent Care. Emilie has a sore throat. Strep is going around so I thought I better have her checked out. The good news is it isn't strep throat, the bad news is I spent four hours in a waiting room with sick people coughing and sneezing on me; I probably caught the Ebola Hemorrhagic Virus.

This vacation was unplanned. Back in the Spring I had all these grand plans for my vacation days. They turned out to be poorly conceived, half bake schemes. Then work got a little crazy and taking vacation days just didn't cross my mind. Thursday it occurred to me I have four weeks of vacation I need to take before December. I asked my manager if I could take next week off, he didn't seem to care. My original plan was to choose 12 trails here in Michigan to ride; I would ride two or three every day next week. But if I drove 500 miles south, I could ride new trails, in the Appalachian Mountains, in slightly warmer weather than here in Michigan.

The problem with my second plan is, since I did no planning at all, I would have to go on vacation alone. That is a tough one. I can't even force myself to go out and eat alone when I am on a business trip and have an expense account.

Another problem is I took a motorcycle trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina before...I think they filmed Deliverance there.

I figure the only thing more pathetic than taking a vacation alone in an area where I don't belong is looking back when I am older and regretting not taking this opportunity to ride over a mountain range and on trails someplace other than my back yard. I am leaving for the Pisgah National Forest Monday morning. Nothing is more pathetic than regret.


  1. Maybe you should try Ecuador?

  2. Yep, taking a "vacation" alone in an area that you don't belong is pretty pathetic, and in my very recent experience, probably not much warmer than Michigan. However, Pisgah was sunny, beautiful, and starting to get warm when I left yesterday, so maybe you'll have a better time than I did.