Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hills Like White Elephants

I am typing this on my BlackBerry, from inside my tent someplace in the Pisagh National Forest, with my gloves on. How can I drive halfway to Florida and it be so cold? And I don't have the advantage of spell-check so hopefully you can read foneticly. Denny just called and said I could borrow his wife's cross bike for a race at Maybury on Sunday; I miss my friends and family.

North Carolina is amazing. I did a 5 hour ride today but it is so pretty I rode easy and just took in the sights. Everyone I met down here is nice. Since I don't talk with an accent, they know I'm not from around here. When I tell them I'm just here to ride, they often make a map on a napkin of places I should go. I was expecting to be in some little hick town but it is a nice college town with good music stations and Thai food and a Starbucks. I will probably die of exposure, and I'm not crazy about all my alone time, but other than that, I am pretty damn happy. I wish I was clever enough with my BlackBerry to attach pictures to this post.

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  1. I call mine a Crackberry. So darn habit forming.