Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Over Barriers

This was a quiet week. The kids were not feeling well so we skipped some dance practices. I didn't feel right leaving them home alone sick while I went off to ride so I set up barriers and practiced my cyclocross techniques in the backyard. I have been eyeing cross bikes, with a hint of lust; even have my bike picked out, hypothetically. Damn, pretty soon I will be shaving my legs and manicuring some hip facial hair. Actually I don't think I will take cross too seriously but I do want to race respectably. I embarrassed myself Sunday and won't let that happen again. I finished 15th out of 25 in the "C" class. I know a lot of things affect heart rate but I only averaged 164 BPM in that race, about 10 BPM less than during a 2 hr mountain bike race. Not making excuses, I just think I was more concerned about not crashing and getting over the barriers with a little dignity than worrying about racing. I am doing two cyclocross races this weekend. Hopefully I will place a little better.

Other random things during the week:

I replaced brake and shift cables last night because I was board. I am normally a little superstitious about working on my bike the week before a race. I was reallllly board.

I couldn't find my BlackBerry holster. 'Thought it might be in Cin's truck. I opened the liftgate and realized it would be quicker to just go to the Sprint store and buy a new one.

I don't go in Em's room very often. I am big on the idea of Emilie having her own space. I took a peek in her room this week and saw a copy of her heart rate file from our ride together at Island Lake. Sweet.

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