Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My life is very predictable; it is based on the kids' dance schedule. Likewise, my riding revolves around dance. I normally ride at the Brighton Req Area since it is only a mile from my house.

I knew this week was going to be cold and rainy so I rode a lot over the weekend. Sunday I tried something different, I combined a road and a mountain bike ride; I put semi slicks on my mountain bike and rode to the Poto, did that trail, then rode home. I completely miscalculated how long the ride was going to take and how early the sun sets. I stopped at a party store in Hell to get something to eat. I sill had a good 20 miles to go to get home, I was cold and spent and it was getting dark. All in all a great ride.

I noticed a deer scrape during my ride. Apparently the deer are starting to rut, which is way early. I assume the cooler weather this year, and specifically the cold dark weather this Fall, tricked the deer’s biological clock into rutting now. Silly deer, don’t they realize we are experiencing what book smart academics are calling “global warming”? Global warming sounds like a real bite in the ass…if you live south of the 45th parallel, or on an iceberg. I try to carefully choose what I worry about.

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  1. We are about 2,000 years overdue for our return back into our ice-epoch, so I think we might want to get used to the cool weather. Of course we are almost overdue for Yellowstone to wipe us off the map, so we might not have to worry about that silly ice flow afterall :).