Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Time

(Long, long before)



The trails were great on Thursday and I heard the frogs chirping, a sure sign I can move from the road to the trails. I took a half day vacation on Friday so I could spend some quality time on the trails. I have had epic rides before but normally I have to go up to Searchmont Ontario or down to Snowshoe West Virginia. The ride Friday was in the Brighton Req. area, 2 miles from my house, but I never had a better ride, not even close.

I bought my house because it was right off the Brighton trail. You think it is hard to convince your wife you need to drop $500 on a wheel set, try getting her to move 40 miles away to a small house on a dirt road with well water just so you can ride. The thing about spending a lot of time on the same trail is it becomes a control for testing new equipment or to test your fitness.

Saturday I got my bikes ready for the season; I swapped forks, changed wheel sets, replaced brake pads, repacked bearings, and cleaned the bikes. I did the Murray Lake loop to test my fitness. I rode hard but not at race pace. I was satisfied with my time of 35:31 at an average of 158 BPM. I looked at other years for times to compare.

4/16/08 (after 2 weeks of quality riding in Florida) my time was 38:54/160 BPM. My last timed loop of the season was on 10/13/08, 36:21/158 BPM, but I think I was on my single speed, I forgot to record that.

3/28/07 my time was 37:57/158 BPM. By 5/23/07 my time improved to 35:20/157 BPM.

2006 was a good year; I did it in 33:41/158 BPM.

2005 36:28/159 BPM

2004 was the first year I did that specific loop and kept track of my split times. On 9/25/04 I did 37:03/141 BPM on my Litespeed, and on 9/27/04 I did 38:24/145 BPM on my full XTR full suspension Blur, as part of a hard tail vs. full suspension experiment.

My time this weekend left me optimistic, but I am still the same person I have always been.

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  1. lol.....and I thought I kept track of everything! Glad to know that I am not alone in my tracking of every possible thing that happens.