Saturday, March 14, 2009

First MTB Ride of the Year, Sort of

Yesterday was my first ride of the year on trails that weren't snow covered. I walked from the road to the Murry Lake trail on my way home from work to see if it was rideable. I was talking to Kevin about doing some type of a ride today but neither of us were sure if it would be on a trail or on the road; I wanted to try riding on a trail by myself before we decided. Most of the trail was great but there were still enough soft and ice covered spots that I think I will stick to the road for another week or so.
The ride yesterday was a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with my new(ish) single speed. I have only ridden it in the snow and around my kitchen. The frame is set up for a 100 mm fork so I switched from a ridged to a suspension fork earlier in the winter. Suspension does forgive your bad lines. Between riding with winter clothes, soft tires, and soft ground, and I suppose a loss of fitness, the 34x16 gear was a tad steep. Over all it was a great ride.
It is interesting the relationship you develop with a bike. At first you think about what you want, look at bikes on paper (angles and what not), narrow down the list to one bike and figure it is the one for you. When you see it your mind is made up, beautiful tig welds, sun glistening off it's top just feels right. But the first ride, uh la la, the first becomes somehow more real. I can't just call it my Inglis, or single speed, that somehow sounds disrespectful. I will call her Jill.


  1. Hey. Came across your blog bouncin' around the SS blogs on this here internet. Congrats on the new SS and you must have some huge kitchen! ;o)

    Good luck on chasing down that Top Five--are you looking for it on the SS or geared? Either way, that good luck wish applies.


    P.S. Per your profile, very admirable priorities!

  2. Nice.

    I love how a bike suddenly comes alive in my hands. My 2 MTB are members of the family now. I need to hop on my neglected SS. In my attempt to avoid VO2'ing myself to death, it's been hanging alone in the garage. sad days indeed.