Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the Heck Just Happened?

I saw my age change on my blog profile today. I don’t know what happened; I was 14 the other day, went to sleep, woke up and I had a wife, two kids, and a mortgage. I had higher aspirations than this when I was 14. The plan was to stay 14 forever. The back-up plan was to be a cool dad. I would write letters to my Senators telling them they should legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes and I should know because I was going to be a horticulturist. I would take my kids to see Rush in concert. They would ask me to hang out with them and their friends.

Clearly I need a plan C. I think this is where my neurotic obsession with bicycling comes into play. I am not okay with getting old, not at all, but how can you be old if you ride your bike five days a week? The other day someone at my wife’s work asked Cindy about her son Neil. Cindy said “oh no, Neil is my husband.” The girl paused to think about it and, still confused, asked: “the Neil that is always riding his bicycle?” Maybe this isn’t so bad.


  1. It gets worse my friend! Gravity is a cruel master. :)

  2. 1974 - I walked around in a cut-off levi jacket with the S logo of Suzuki
    on the back panel - Barry Sheene was my hero - pretending to be Barry I rode my iron framed racer straight into the back of a parked car (Having just overtaken a moving car at approx 43 mph) Wham! straight to hospital with a broken hand! - those were the days!

  3. ah yes...youth is wasted on the young.