Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amazing How Fast Things Change

This ends my rest week. I am still not riding as much as I planned; however, I rode hard in the previous three week block and by Monday my legs felt like limp noodles dangling from my hips.

I meant to get in a few easy rides earlier this week but I squandered my time. Friday was a great ride, first time I rode without winter clothing this year. It felt like spring but I have lived in Michigan long enough to know not to be lulled in by one nice day. I didn't hear the frogs chirping, or smell the warm damp earth, or see the drunk Harley riders with a total disregard for personal hygiene stumbling around in the parking lot of the Damn Site Inn, so it really isn't spring. But it is spring-like and it is hard to be pessimistic in weather like that.

Bill and I rode early this morning. It was much less spring-like.

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