Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harvesting Hay While the Sun Is Shining

My truck wouldn’t start yesterday morning. Cindy reluctantly drove me to work so I could make my 6:45 meeting then I took a half day vacation to fix my truck. When I got home it started. Because every car I ever owed had already reached the end of its life before I bought it, I am an expert with this type of problem. Apparently the bendix gear in the starter is worn. Sometimes it misses the fly wheel, sometimes it catches and will start the car. It will only get worse. I figured I should take care of this problem now since my truck was sitting in my garage and the auto parts stores were open, instead of waiting until it leaves me stranded at, say, the Joe Louis parking lot after a Detroit Redwings hockey game.

But the sun was shining. And I had fresh legs. I told myself if it was above freezing I would ride my bike. It was 31 degrees out. Close enough. I went for a 4 hour ride. Part of my plan every year is to do a long ride once a week. Previously I considered 2 hrs a long ride. This year I will try to ride for 4 hours once a week. My legs are sore today, but a good type of sore. I have a good feeling about this season, assuming my truck makes it to the races.

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  1. Some days the bendix in my "starter" doesn't match up either......and I'm NOT referring to my truck.