Friday, April 3, 2009

Staying Healthy

I don’t get sick; I hesitated to post that incase I jinx myself. For some reason, flues and colds and other ailments just pass right over me. They always have. I really want to stay healthy this month so I can do Yankee Springs and Fort Custer without anything preventing me from turning in a good time. Lately I have taken an almost obsessive compulsive approach to avoiding germs. I bought Allie an ice cream cone this week. She was going on and on how good it was and gave it to me to take a lick. All I could see were her precious little germs infesting this half eaten Bumpy Cake ice cream. I felt guilty for not taking a lick, as if sharing germs with your child is an act of intimacy. Everyone at work is sick. After I shake their hands, or take a piece of paper from them, or touch their computer keyboard, I wash my hands like I am about to perform brain surgery. I have used so much Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer (“with Moisturizers” my ass) that my hands are dry and cracked to the point where it hurts to get them wet. But I am healthy. I need to make it 30 more days.

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  1. yeah, but, Bumpy cake ice cream??!! jeez, you are strong.