Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grand Rapids

I just spent four days pre-riding Fort Custer and Yankee Springs while my family was in Florida. My lap times were not encouraging but I am glad I could spend some quality time in Grand Rapids before my races on 4/19 and 5/3.
I have raced on both courses several times but never rode there just for fun. I had a great time. I was amazed how nice the trails were. Someone there on the West side of the State deserves kudos for setting them up.
This new perspective on trails I raced but ever took the time to really look at got me to thinking about how many things in life I rush through and don't appreciate. Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time at 177 BPM.

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  1. Good Luck this weekend. Lets show 'em that Married with Kids folk can still do some damage!