Monday, April 20, 2009

Yankee Springs TT (Part II)

In a previous post back in February (Yankee Springs Time Trial) I stated:

I am shooting for a time of 1:46. Placing at Yankee Springs is out of the question but finishing in the top 50% is still on this side of theoretically possible, and that aint bad.

I did a 1:49 yesterday, placing me 22nd out of 39. Not horrible; I did both loops faster than the single loop I did in last year’s time trial. But the thing is, this whole blog was based on the goal of finishing in the top 50% at Yankee Springs for me to continue with my attempt for a top 5 place in an Expert race.

True to my word, I am scraping this goal and will drop down to Sport Single Speed. There are a lot of fast Sport Single Speeders so it’s not like I will be stopping half way through the race to have a picnic or anything. I think this class is where I belong.


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  2. You are lucky that they break the SS class down. Here, it's just an open class dominated by ex-pros. They often have times that would put them into top 5 in Pro..

    Looks like your time was close to what you wanted. I'd say you did pretty good.

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