Friday, April 24, 2009

Still Obsessing

I am still obsessing over the 3 extra minutes it took me to do the time trial. You would think I get paid to race or something the way I worry about it. My average heart rate was 172; very low for a time trail. Either I lack motivation, raced too conservatively on what was a pretty tight, technical course, or I am just getting old. Probably a little of all three.

I may do a time trial in Pontiac Sunday. It wasn't on my list of races to do, but it is local and a beautiful course. It will be my first time trial on a single speed.


  1. Maybe you should wear black and get meaner.

  2. I think it was the hairy legs... At least 3 minutes of drag there...:)

    I keep threatening to race SS at some point. I'll be excited to see how it goes for you.Despite the pros I complained about, it's a much more relaxed group here..not so shaved up and anal.

  3. Looks like you are one of the few folks in your group that had nearly identical lap times both trips around. My snap judgement, with no factual info, makes me wonder if either you were holding back too much in the beginning, or longer events might be your bag? That differential seems to be 2 minutes for most folks right there?

    I don't focus on HR. If it's a little cool, or I ate too much my HR drops 10's crazy.

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  5. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped for a latte and baguetts at the feed station.

    You are spot on Matt. I know I am suppose to be looking at watts. I used a Polar Power Meter for a season but I'm not sure how accurate it was, and it just gave me a bunch of data I didn't know what to do with. I do tend to do better at races at ski hills or longer races. I think I just need to grow a set improve my speed through flat tight single track.

  6. For a 1hr 45 min race, I'd just give it hell. Forget the HR monitor...forget the second lap...just go. As long as there are short recovery sections you will be just fine. I think your form is better than you think. You might just need to leave it all out there.